Trerice B831X0205 - 3.0", 1/2 NPT Rear Mount Bimetal Thermometer 20 to 240 °F, Dual Scale, 2.5" Stem

MPN: B831X0205
List Price: $61.50
Product Features / Technical Specifications
Model Type B831X
Scale Type Dual Scale °F / °C
Accuracy ±1%
Coil Type Bimetallic
Connection Size | Bimetal Thermometer 1/2" NPT
Connection Type | Bimetal Thermometer Back Mount
Dial Face Aluminum
External Reset No
Stem Diameter | Bimetal Thermometer 1/4"
Stem Length | Bimetal Thermometer 2.5"
Temperature Range | Bimetal Thermometer 20 to 240 °F
Window Polycarbonate
Dial Size | Bimetal Thermometer 3.0"
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