STRAHMAN'S journey began in 1921 with the distribution of high-performance valves, gauges, and packing materials. Strahman was the first Company to develop a free-flowing, non-clogging piston tank bottom and drain valve for the USA Dairy market. This design and engineering expertise led to the development of a complete line of high-quality, innovative valves that were quickly adopted across numerous markets. 

Strahman excels at design, engineering, and customized solutions where critical functionality or severe service is the criterion. We have valves for numerous industries, including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, polymer, and refining, to name a few; with an extensive range for the transfer of fluid and flow control, we have a solution for you.

Process Valves for typical application processes:

  • Sample Valves for product sampling or injection
  • Tank Bottom or Drain Valves for draining viscous product
  • Diverter Valves, fully customizable, for changeovers on duplex systems such as pumps or filters
  • Inline Piston Valves for challenging applications where a ball or plug valve isn't working
  • Spray Rinse Valves for cleaning the interior of vessels and reactors
  • Gate Valves, a diverse group that includes Single and Double Disc and Wedge, for demanding isolation valve applications.
  • Line Blinds for long term or permanent piping or tank isolation

Strahman Process Valves remains committed to engineering innovative, high-quality products and best-in-class process valves for industries. 



Sample Valves

Sampling Valves are valves dedicated to drawing a live sample from process piping. They also can be used for injection purposes. They are frequently used in many industrial processes involving liquids and gasses to ensure the product quality meets standards.

Samples can be taken in several ways, including using a ball valve to fill an open container. The issue with this approach is that there is little to no safety measures involved with a strategy to protect operators from the process. An open container adds the possibility of product surplus and spills that can harm and impose health risks to the operator. Using a ball valve for drawing live samples can lead to spills and splashing due to the valve's quick opening 1/4 turn nature. Ball valves also allow for dead space and clogging, which may leave old or contaminated liquid behind resulting in a bad sample.

STRAHMAN HAS THE SOLUTION: Sampling Valves that extract fluid directly from the pipeline, taking safe samples without failure – under high pressure or high vacuum conditions.

SV series

This Soft Seated series is the standard series with a non-clogging design (no dead space) and an opening indicator for safe user extraction. The SV series also provides a reliable live sample as the one-piece piston fills the valve cavity. The SV series is used for both sampling and injection applications and can be customized to meet an entire facility's applications.


Filter Panel

Strahman Process Valves

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