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DK-Lok manufactures fittings and valves that abide by strict industry standards. Their commitment to reliable products starts with leak-tight seal guarantees for a variety of industry applications. Their obligation to provide secure and reliable fittings and valves makes them one of the most certified manufacturers in the world.

Filter Panel
Application | Instr. Ball Valve
Application | Instr. Check Valve
Application | Instr. Needle Valve
Application | Instr. Plug Valve
Body Material | Instr. Needle Valve
Body Material | Instr. Plug Valve
Connection Size | Instr. Check Valve
Connection Size | Instr. Plug Valve
Connection Type | Instr. Ball Valve
Connection Type | Instr. Check Valve
Construction | Tube Fitting
Material | Instr. Ball Valve
Material | Tube Fitting
Seal Material | Instr. Check Valve

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