ROSS Silencers and Valves

Ross designs pneumatic valves and silencers that aid in pneumatic efficiency and safety. Ross began in 1921 and owns over 120 patents revolving around innovative fluid power safety. 

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Application | Pneumatic Valve
Basic Size | Pneumatic Safety Valves
Body Size | Pneumatic Valve
Capacity | Pneumatic Control Valve
Default Position | Pneumatic Valve
Monitor Type | Pneumatic Safety Valves
Mounting | Pneumatic Control Valve
Override | Pneumatic Safety Valves
Port 1 Connection Type | Pneumatic Control Valve
Port Threads | Silencer
Pressure Range | Silencer
Profile | Pneumatic Control Valve
Status Indicator | Pneumatic Safety Valves
Thread Type | Silencer
Valve Type | Pneumatic Valve
Voltage | Pneumatic Safety Valves
Voltage | Pneumatic Valve

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